CBD Oil for Pain, Does it Help?

Pain is unfortunately a fact of life. Whether you have a short term injury that can be healed through rest and a bit of pain relief cream or chronic pain from an old injury that did major damage, CBD may be able to help. CBD is Cannibidol that is created by soaking the hemp or marijuana plant in a solvent which helps extract the oil from the plant. Finally, the solvent is allowed to evaporate and the remaining oil is used in a variety of forms. This includes oils for oral intake, sprays, and even creams and rubs. There are a number of benefits that have been found for using CBD for pain relief, several will be discussed throughout this article.

Best CBD Oil for Pain

One of the most prominent uses for CBD in oil form is to treat pain or as pain management. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, and discomfort for some in relation to a variety of health issues. For those with chronic pain, CBD oil is a viable alternative when there is a concern in taking typical prescription medications long term. This is often the case when it is found that prescription medications are addictive when used for prolonged periods. For those with chronic pain, CBD offers an alternative that is not addictive, but is very helpful for most chronic pain suffers. Additionally, CBD oil can help with short term pain in many forms.

One form of CBD oil that has shown effective is CBD oil in a cream. Some products have a variety of milligram levels that can be used according to your pain level. The cream is topically applied as needed and can reduce pain and inflammation. Creams like this can start working in as little as ten minutes and last up to twelve hours. However, not all CBD creams are created equal and product concentration and purity should be researched for every product.

CBD oil can also be used in other forms. These include oil for vaping and pills. Pills will be discussed further in later sections, but vaping CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular. If you are not a smoker this form of CBD oil can also be flavored, or remain unflavored, and used as a drop or two under the tongue to help with pain. This form is also popular for depression and anxiety. CBD oil in this form is mixed with another medium, typically an oil of sorts, and can be flavored in many ways. This type of CBD is available in varying milligrams and can be increased or decreased as needed to relieve pain. The most important information to find out when considering CBD oil is whether it is legal in your area. For most people this is not an issue, but some states and countries still find CBD an illegal substance.

CBD for Pain Relief

Pain is a very real problem for many people. Those with chronic pain cannot often find relief with typical prescription medications or may be concerned about addiction to those products. CBD oil offers a more natural form of relief for many individuals. As chronic pain is not likely to go away at any point, finding an alternative that is helpful and non-addictive can be a godsend.

No matter how you choose to use CBD oil it is worth trying different products in different levels. The key is purity and a reputable dealer. CBD oil is not yet regulated by the FDA so finding products with high quality standards is important. Do not be afraid to research and read multiple reviews of a product before buying. You should also remember that not all products work for all people, it may try several products to find what works best in your position.

CBD Oil for Back Pain

Anyone who has experienced back pain can attest to the fact that it can be hard to deal with over time. Consistent or chronic back pain can affect every part of daily life as any movement can be painful and range can be limited. Though traditional treatments work for some, others still suffer daily, this is where CBD may help. Though derived from the marijuana plant, CBD does not have the psychoactive components that create a high. This means it is a therapeutic treatment. CBD treats pain without the negative effects to the central nervous system as well as offers anti-inflammatory. This is often highly effective for back pain sufferers. Though long-term use of CBD has not been fully researched, preliminary results of use are strong for its effectiveness.

Dosage for Pain – how much CBD should you use?

Since CBD is relatively new for pain treatment finding the right dosage can be difficult. This is compounded by the fact that doctors cannot prescribe, but may suggest CBD as an alternative treatment for pain. In addition, the FDA has not yet created a recommended daily intake (RDI) so no official serving exists. This can be problematic as people blindly dose themselves or receive help from self-proclaimed experts.

Many have heard that taking a dropper full of CBD daily is appropriate and while this can be a dosage, it may vary based on strength, consistency, and how the oil is used. An individual’s body chemistry and weight can also come into play. Unfortunately, this means that may require some trial and error and may change over the course of treatment. When finding a starting dose you should take weight into consideration. The basic rule of thumb is 1 – 6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. The best option is to start small and work your way up if needed. Just because your friend of the same weight can take 50mg daily, does not mean you should start at that level. Even this can be confusing as measuring CBD oil can be tough. If using a dropper then know how much liquid your dropper can hold and then do the simple math to determine the dosage you are taking.

How to Use CDB Oil for Pain

If you have chosen to use CBD oil for pain and are comfortable with the dosing guidelines, then it is time to start using CBD oil. For many, pain can be alleviated with a lotion or rub that includes CBD oil as an ingredient. For others, vaping CBD oil can help deal with pain overall. Some choose to use CBD oil as a tincture which can be applied under the tongue. When used this way, measure out the dose and place under the tongue, wait 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing. This allows the oil to enter the system and help relieve pain.

CBD Pills for Pain

If finding the right dose seems overwhelming, then CBD capsules may be the best option. CBD capsules are an easy, yet fast way to get your proper dosage of CBD. Many capsules also contain a binding agent such as coconut oil to create the capsule and help the oil enter the system. Capsules have some benefits over other CBD method use, such as no measuring, easy scheduling, and no concerns when travelling. This pills often look like vitamins so they are perfect when going out of state or to keep in the medicine cabinet at home.

If going the CBD capsule route there are some products that are higher recommended than others. Pure Kana contains 25mg of CBD and a THC of less than 0,05% and is certified organic CBD. Another brand is CBD Essence that offers 35 mg of CBD that is also organic. A third option is Green Roads and is recommended for pain, but also anxiety. Many other options exist and price may vary greatly. If trying CBD capsules look for a good bargain, but also a pure product in the dosage you need. Also, be aware of other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for some users.
CBD oil has a myriad of uses and comes in numerous forms. If you suffer from pain and traditional medicine is not working or you are concerned with the side effects, then CBD may be worth trying. Be a smart buyer and enjoy the pain relieving effects.