CBD Oil for Dogs, What you need to know

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a cannabis compound. This is not marijuana and not THC, though it is derived from the cannabis plant. The difference is that THC can get you ‘high’ while CBD offers health benefits for many, including animals.

CBD is derived by soaking the marijuana plant in a solvent and then allowing the solvent to evaporate, leaving the CBD oil behind. The oil is then mixed with other ingredients or used to create other products that can be used in the treatment of many health issues for dogs, cats, and humans alike.

How Can CBD Help pets

Whether your furry friend barks or meows, CBD can be used. Many people are well aware of the use of CBD for humans to alleviate everything from pain to depression and cancer symptoms, but you may not be aware that CBD can also be used on animals. As a form of holistic treatment, CBD can be used in various formats for animals to treat similar conditions.

As pet owners know sometimes pets struggle with issues similar to that of humans, whether it be anxiety, appetite issues, general skin conditions, or even cancer. Though not as well known or acknowledged as use with humans, CBD has been shown effective in many forms for use with animals.

Just like humans, animals have naturally produced cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids, so consuming CBD supplements that system to help natural body functions that may be lacking in some way. Unfortunately, many people are still confused about CBD as it comes from the Cannabis Sativa L that in some cases can be used to make marijuana, but some strains can also be used to make products such as CBD oil or hemp oil. Cannabis plants used for CBD do contain some THC, but such a minimal amount that it is barely detectable and does not get a pet ‘high’.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Now that you understand CBD and hemp oil are not the same as marijuana, we should discuss the benefits it can bring on for your pet.

CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Since it allows for the treatment of these common issues it is also good for arthritis, pancreatitis, neuropathy and nerve pain, stress, intestinal inflammation, and even asthma. Many have also found success in using CBD and hemp oil for seizures and skin conditions respectively. This can be used in place of or with many over the counter or prescription medications designed for pets.

The best news is that the side effects are nonexistent for the most part. In addition, CBD can help prevent the spread of cancer and treat any side effects caused by cancer treating medications for your pet. With all these benefits it is hard to ignore using CBD for pets in general, but especially our most loyal companions.

cbd benefits for dog

Best CBD Oil for Dogs

If you are considering using CBD oil for your dog or any pet, it is important to know what to look for when purchasing a product. There are numerous options for CBD pet products, including oil to put into food and treats, which is why it is important to do your research. You should also choose a product based on your pets individual needs as some cater to reducing anxiety, while others are more focused on pain and inflammation relief.

Different brands such as Therabis, Zesty Paws, and Hemp Chews are all good, but focus on different treatment areas. Brands such as Honest Paws offers calming chews made from CBD oil mixed with malted barley, barley flour, peanut butter, and eggs, favorites for many canine friends. Who could ask for more from a treat than calming and flavored in a way that dogs will love.

When considering such treats make sure to look for treats or oils containing pure CBD oil. This means there are no unnecessary additives that may be a problem for your furry friend. Specific treats are also available for pain that may come from injury, surgery, treatment, or simply old age. Wouldn’t you be willing to try anything that may help your special pet feel their best, no matter what was happening in their body?

Dosage, how much mg/pounds to use

Just as with people, dosing of CBD oil, whether given in oil form, as a pill, or as a treat, is important. Most treats will offer a recommended amount based on dog size. If using oil then the dosing should be based on your dogs weight and type of ailment. There are online calculators available, but a discussion with your vet should also be utilized.

The important thing to know about dosing is that 1ml is the equivalent of 1cc in animal medication. While treats are a great option, using the liquid form that can be added to food or other treats without CBD oil means the owner has greater control over the amount given. A certain number of drops or a specifically measured number of CCs can be added using a dropper. As the CBD oil has no real flavor, your pet will probably not notice a taste change, but will still reap the benefits.

The general rule is 1mg per 2.2 pounds for your dog. It is important to have a close to accurate weight on your dog before dosing, but even if Fido has gained a bit of weight the dose will stay close to the same.

CBD Side Effects

While there are some concerns in using CBD for dogs due to a lack of research and specific dosing, antidotal evidence points to success for use. As with any new medication, it is important to watch your dog for reactions to new treats or treatments.

Otherwise, known side effects include dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. These are not true for all dogs and may be present in varying degrees. Dry mouth comes from a decrease in production of saliva and may cause extra thirst in your pet. Lowered blood pressure is usually temporary and slight, but may leave your pet slightly light headed and unsteady. In higher doses, especially for anxiety, dogs may be drowsy. These side effects may pass or may continue throughout and should be monitored.


Pets are part of the family and treating your pet in the best way possible is always the goal. If you want to try CBD for your pet then talk to a vet and find products with pure and clearly marked ingredients. Your pet can benefit from your research and willingness to try to find the best.