CBD Oil: A cure for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a fact of life for everyone, but for some anxiety can become a crippling problem that affects even the most basic aspects of life. For many, medication is the answer to the problem of anxiety, but anti-anxiety medications can be highly addictive.

For those who need help with anxiety or depression, but wish to use something other than highly addictive prescription medications, CBD oil may be the answer. CBD oil offers many benefits for those that are battling anxiety, as well as many other disorders in both the physical and psychological realms. If you are interested in knowing more about CBD oil, then read on to better understand how it can help treat and possibly eliminate anxiety in your life.

What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is a form of CBD. CBD or Cannabidol oil and is a non-intoxicating marijuana extract that is currently popular in use for treatment for everything from inflammation and seizures to social anxiety and depression. TO create CBD oil someone must soak the hemp plant in a solvent, something such as grain alcohol. After soaking, the remaining liquid contains CBD as well as other cannabinoids from the help plant. Then the solvent is allowed to evaporate and the CBD hemp oil remains for use. Many help oil producers use ethanol to extract CBD oil, but other options do exist. Though this is a sensitive process and CBD has become popular for use, it is not a monitored area. This means that the purity of oil and which solvent is used is left up to the predominantly unregulated creator.

Difference between CBD and THC

Since Cannabidiol is extracted from the buds and flowers of the marijuana or hemp plant, it does not cause a high that is created by the THC when marijuana is smoked or eaten. CBD oil is legal in the states where medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is legal. CBD oil is also allowed in some instances in other states that have specific laws just for CBD, however, it is not legal for use in all states in the United States as of yet. Research for the use of CBD oil for the treatment of particular health and psychological issues is still in relatively early stages, but has taken place.

Researches on CBD for Anxiety

Though scientifically still in the infancy stages of research on humans, CBD oil is considered a potentially strong treatment for anxiety disorders. Overall, current evidence has indicated that CBD has potential as a valid treatment for a multitude of anxiety disorders. However, as this is still in the early stages, the research has only been for short term, or acute, dosages. Long term research with specific populations will need to be undertaken to find out long term prognosis and use. That being said, CBD oil has promising effects on disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD, and even panic disorder. Each of these disorders can negatively affect the sufferers’ life each and every day. While fear and anxiety are considered adaptive responses, excessive fear and anxiety can lead to disability.

Current anxiety treatments tend to include serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs), anti-depressant drugs, and even benzodiazepines, all of which can cause the user to become dependent on the medications over time. Additionally, these medications have shown quick tolerance build-up and limited effectiveness for some anxiety disorders. This is why the use of CBD oil is a promising alternative.

Benefits of CBD on Anxiety and Depression

As mentioned, CBD is an appealing option for the reason of both decreasing anxiety and the fact that is does not get the user ‘high’. Without the mind altering effects often associated with marijuana, but the promise of a calmer demeanor, CBD has rapidly gained popularity. Pure CBD oil is not as common as CBD mixed within a carrier. Common carriers include coconut or hemp seed oil and CBD oil can be used in a dabbing pen, vape, or even taken under the tongue. CBD oil often comes in a variety of flavors, depending on the use.

Though still gaining in popularity, several benefits to the use of CBD oil have already been discovered. One of the most common is to treat pain. Though pain is not the same as anxiety, it can lead to anxiety over time. CBD oil can be added to pain relieving lotions and even sprays to help in this area. Specific to depression and anxiety, studies have preliminarily shown that both depression and anxiety were reduced with the use of CBD oil. Unlike typical pharmaceutical treatments, there are not the typical side effects of insomnia, agitation, sexual dysfunction, and headache. CBD does this by linking to the brain’s serotonin receptors that regulate social behavior and mood.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

If you have decided to try or just consider CBD oil for treatment then dosing can be an issue. As doctors cannot truly prescribe, but may recommend CBD, the dosage is left up to the user. That being said, there are guidelines for use in general, but each person will vary based on age, weight, tolerance, and even metabolism. If you are a new user than starting with the lowest possible dose makes the most sense. This is typically 25mg of CBD, taken twice a day. This should increase by 25mg every three to four weeks until symptoms are relieved, but should decrease if symptoms worsen.

It can be hard to determine your dosage which may also vary based on how you choose to use CBD oil. CBD can be found in capsules, as a spray, in chewing gum, added to cooking oils, created in edibles, and even vaped or smoked. How you utilize the oil may also alter its effectiveness for you personally. As there is no set guidelines, keeping track of your amount and reaction is important when first using CBD oil.

CBD Side Effects

As with any treatment form, CBD does have some side effects. While not all people will experience side effects, some may. Some people may do better with differing forms of CBD oil as well. The four most common side effects are tiredness, diarrhea, weight gain or loss, and appetite changes. Some side effects will lessen over time, while others may persist for some users. If you do choose to try CBD oil, talk to your medical doctor if on other medications as the effectiveness could be affected, making current medications more or less effective overall. As of now, CBD has not had enough formal research to know of long term effects on the body, but short term results are promising.