Benefits and effects of CBD

Cannabidiol, otherwise and more commonly known as CBD, is a cannabis compound that has a host of benefits. CBD is not the same as marijuana in that it does not leave the user feeling ‘stoned’ or ‘high’. Instead, CBD is less psychoactive and often offers a sense of calm and relaxation. So what is CBD and how is it used? Read on to learn many of the benefits of CBD overall.

What is CBD

CBD, or rich cannabis, is a non-psychoactive or less psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. The plants used to create usable CBD are very low in THC, the chemical that allows marijuana plants to get someone ‘high’ when ingested. CBD comes in many forms and can be used in a variety of ways. These include oil, isolate, wax, crystals, and even capsules.

Legality and regulation around CBD

Is CBD legeal? If choosing to use CBD in any form, you should first be aware of the legalities involved. While CBD, especially the oil or capsule versions, is widely available, it is not technically legal in some areas. Many claim that all the states in the US have legalized the use of CBD, this is not true as some states consider it a class 1 substance and feel it should be controlled. Before making a purchase, make sure you are in an area in which it is legal for recreational use.

Furthermore, when using supplements containing CBD, know that it is highly unregulated. Anyone can make a CBD supplement without formal testing and regulation, so research is your friend when it comes to purchasing products. When buying, ask vendors about the actual form and concentration of CBD in the product, how it is produced, and what it best treats. Do not be afraid to read reviews of actual users prior to buying as CBD products can be effective, but can also be of low quality.

Now that you understand what CBD is and the ways in which it can be found, let us explore some of the most common uses for CBD in the sections below. Though CBD is not new, it is now being used for everything from anxiety to treating animals and cancer. Keep reading to get a better overview.

CBD effects and benefits

CBD for Anxiety

CBD in all formats is often used for anxiety. From vaping to edibles, Hemp CBD can be used instead of prescriptions drugs to treat anxiety. Typical anti-anxiety medications have a high rate of abuse and addiction. The use of CBD can mean a less likely chance of addiction with similar success rates and lessened anxiety. As you can get pure, THC free CBD, a drug test is also not an issue. Even if THC is present it is a negligible amount. There are few, if any human based research studies that have tested the efficacy of CBD use on anxiety, but animal based studies have shown promising results.

CBD for Dogs

As mentioned, several studies have been completed with animals and the use of CBD. Much like for humans, CBD has been put into treats and oil to use with our canine friends. As a results, many people are now using CBD for dogs or even cat. It is used in specific doses to treat pain, anxiety, stress, and create overall health and wellness. The exact dosage for a dog will vary based on the issue and the dog size, but promise has been shown in the use of CBD for a variety of issues. Additionally, other animals may benefit from the use of CBD, specifically for anxiety and joint care.

CBD for Pain

Much like anti—anxiety medications, typical medications used for long term pain are often addictive. This can be a problem as the amount of medication needed may increase over time and create further health issues. CBD can replace the need for pain medication for some with long term pain conditions. Hemp CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, increase the ability to rest, and eliminate discomfort from a variety of health conditions. The type of CBD used for pain and the amount may vary from person to person, but pure CBD should be selected for this type use.

CBD for Cancer

One of the more recent uses for Cannabidiol is to use CBD for treating cancer. While CBD does not cure cancer at this point, it can help treat many symptoms. CBD has been used to treat nausea, increase food intake, and alleviate pain associated with caner and related treatments. Since Hemp CBD is not addictive, there are few, if any side effects for the user. Though studies are in existence for the use of CBD and marijuana to treat cancer, no definitive results have been recorded. Some of the cancer types that have benefited from CBD use include bladder, brain, breast, colon, endocrine, sarcoma, leukemia, and lung, among others. The majority of cancer sufferers could benefit from use as a way to increase food and drink intake without nausea as well as calm anxiety and stress related to being sick.

CBD has a host of uses and benefits with few if any downfalls. While not every user will get the same results, the best options are to try a pure sample and see what works. CBD comes in a variety of forms, flavors, and strengths. If you are interested in trying Hemp CBD in any form, contact a reputable dealer and do your research of types, concentrations, and local laws. Being informed is the first step to getting the help you deserve.