What CBD product to gift for Christmas 2018?

The Christmas holiday is almost here! It’s now time to think about the gifts we will offer to our loved ones and CBD will definitely be on many people list for 2018. Here is why: Christmas traditions and celebrations may vary from country to country, but one thing that remains the same across all countries is that you don’t want to mess up with the gifts you will offer to your friends and family. For this reason the first factor to consider is making sure that the gift will be beneficial to the person to whom it is offered.

But First, Is CBD Psychoactive?

CBD from hemp is not psychoactive. It delivers clear-headed functional effects. It is not associated with high euphoria or dysphoria which arises from the use of THC. Hemp CBD has less than 0.3% THC vs around 18% for THC oil . There is therefore no possibility of “getting high” and losing faculties with CBD oil from hemp. Check this article to find out more on the differences between THC and CBD 

Main Benefits of using CBD

With studies revealing the outstanding benefits of CBD oil from hemp, it is no doubt the gift to offer the people on your list. But before you start looking at what CBD product you should look at as a xmas gift, here is the main benefits of using CBD for both humans and pets:

Benefit Heart Health
Neuroprotective Properties
Reduce Anxiety and Depression
Many other benefits:

  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Anti-tumor effects
  • Diabetes prevention

Best CBD oils and how to choose

Go for Organic CBD! The best CBD oil is extracted from hemp grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Further, it should have no additives or preservatives following its extraction. A lab test will always reveal whether or not CBD oil is organic. Here is the extended list of criteria to consider before to consider it as a Christmas gift:

Check out the complete guide on

CBD Promotes Cardiovascular Health and Homeostasis

CBD is associated with a wholesome healthy heart. One recent study treated 10 healthy patients using one dose of 600 mg of CBD oil. As a result, it reduced resting blood pressure, in comparison to a placebo. No doubt that its  powerful antioxidant properties can help for heart diseases as the research has already shown. For this reason it ultimately retains the heart rate and blood pressure in check. In addition, CBD also ensures a proper functioning of the internal body systems.

CBD Relives Severe Symptoms for Cancer

Chronic ailments like cancer, tumors or even HIV/AIDS require intense treatment programs. The treatment and medicine administered overpowers the patients. CBD oil provides immense relief to them. It is known to assist as a strong analgesic and an anti-inflammatory. CBD aids in increasing appetite and significantly helps stop diarrhea and vomiting.

Studies have shown that CBD is helpful in fighting tumors and cancer but it’s not a cure. More researches need to be done in order to fully understand all the effects of CBD for cancer.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Pet?

CBD oil for humans can also be given to pets! Human beings and pets have a similar system processing CBD. Pets get the same health and clinical benefits humans get from CBD. It is also good to know that pets don’t build up a tolerance. Check out all the benefits of using CBD oil for Pets.


You’re almost sorted out! But before you start looking at what CBD and Hemp oil brand to choose, it’s never a bad idea to go for further researches and make sure you’re not buying crap CBD!  If you are interested in buying Hemp CBD in any form, contact a reputable dealer and do your research of types, concentrations, and local laws.

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