Is CBD oil safe for dogs, cats and other pets?

When your pet falls ill, you will do all you can to find the best possible medicine and treatment. CBD has several health boosting, even life-saving, benefits for pets. It is their new miracle medicine.

Practitioners in holistic veterinary have positively reported how CBD oil plays a critical part in the well-being of pets in their care.

Understanding Cannabidiol, or CBD

Research shows that CBD is often misunderstood. CBD is found in both cannabis and hemp while THC is found in cannabis, giving marijuana its psychoactive character. It follows that CBD oil for pets is legal and safe.

So what exactly happens in their body? CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is naturally produced by the brain and manages several biological processes, like sleep, memory, immunity, and many more.

Further, from studies carried out, CBD is not capable of causing an overdose. CBD oil for pets can be administered in high doses and for long periods of time.

Let’s now look into the safety of CBD oil for pets!

1. CBD Is Not Psychoactive or Toxic

CBD oil for pets is extracted from hemp. Unlike THC, it is non psychoactive and is safely used on pets. CBD supplements for pets has no or extremely low traces of THC. The pets won’t get “high”.

It therefore gives pets the relaxing healthy benefits without getting them intoxicated.

CBD offers relaxing stimulation and relieves pain in pets. Most studies show that it is a safe supplement with several health benefits. It has no known unsafe limit.

Heavy doses, however, have sedation effects on pets. Administration of the CBD oil therefore should be in the prescribed dosage or in controlled quantities.

2. Benefits of CBD for pets (Dogs, Cats, etc.)

Here are the main benefits when it comes to use CBD for dogs, cats. or other pets. Those are not the only ones but definitely the most common ones that pet owners are using CBD oil for!

1. Pain Reliever
2. Anticonvulsant
3. Anti-Inflammatory
4. Anti-Stress
5. Antiemetic

3. CBD As An Antiemetic

When pets suffer from ailments or symptoms arising from toxins or drugs, they will mostly diarrhea, vomit and lose appetite. CBD extensively helps in controlling these conditions and within few days, they are completely relieved. As noted earlier, CBD has no known serious side effects.

4. CBD Has Anticancer Effects

Pets, like humans, suffer from cancer and malignant tumors. Sometimes, they undergo chemotherapy as treatment and the side effects are draining to the body. CDB Oil is used to relieve those side effects and greatly improves that health and quality of life of the pets. Studies have revealed that CBD Oil further aids in stopping the growth of cancer cells and increases the death of tumor cells.

5. CBD Promotes Homeostasis

Homeostasis is the ability of the body of mammals to maintain a stable internal system resulting in their general well-being. CBD is associated with giving pets a healthy heart and a proper functioning of the body. It does not in any way overwhelm the organs in the performance of their functions. It instead aids their optimal performance.

In conclusion, as shown above, administering CBD oil to pests is highly recommended. It is important to get a prescription from a holistic vet. Your pet will be started off slowly on the use of CBD oil for their ultimate wellness.

The best CBD oil for pets is organic with no additives. A lab analysis will establish the CBD content of a product. Further, it is advised that CBD is bought in tincture. This way, one adjusts the pet’s dose ensuring the most benefit is gotten.

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