How CBD oil is used in the gaming industry?

E-sports and e-gaming are a growing area of interest, but there are still a few that are unfamiliar with the competitive gaming that occurs at a professional level. To date this is a growing and lucrative business with support not only from gamers, but other organizations that support the industry.

Esport gamers have come to be regarded as important, often earning a great deal of money and sponsorships based on their ability to play a given game. This means that esport gamers need to be focused and performing their best at all times. Some esport gamers felt that cannabis helped maintain focus while playing, but when random screenings for performance enhancing drugs started in 2015, this became unwelcomed in competition.

While the gaming industry is not against partaking in marijuana or CBD on your own time, it is not acceptable for competitions. This is because it is seen as performance enhancing.

CBD for Performance Enhancement

Though cannabis and CBD cannot be used from the start of the gaming competition day to the end of the competition, in the building, the use itself is not discouraged. For those who are unfamiliar with the use of CBD, it is one of 100 plus cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant.

CBD can also be derived from hemp. In the past few years CBD popularity has been on the rise for not only its benefits, but its lack of psychotropic effects. This means you can get all the positives without the ‘high’. CBD in one form or another has been used for everything from pain and inflammation relief to adding mental acuity while reducing anxiety and depression. As new research occurs, more uses are found. In some part the rise in popularity of CBD is related to its popularity among esport gamers.

CBD offers gamers a competitive edge through an all natural option. This allows the gamer to be at peak performance while remaining toxin free.

CBD for Gaming and Esports gamers

Due to cultural stereotypes, esport gaming was largely dismissed by the general public until recently. The target demographic for this type of sport has grown as has popularity.

This is similar to the journey CBD has taken over the years in both popularity and sales growth. CBD has won out over other enhancing drugs for focus and enhanced skills and timing as other commonly used things like caffeine and L-Theanine due to side effects of these substances.

Best CBD oil for gaming

Just as with anything you put into your body, it is important to find the best CBD oil for use when gaming. So what should be looked for when using CBD, especially when the goal is focus on the game?

Purity as determined by an outside lab or labs is key to finding CBD that does not contain illegal or synthetic substances. Companies that produce CBD products should be open about their testing and purity and where the results are determined.

For today’s professional gamers, as well as others, CBD can enhance neurocognitive abilities in a safe and healthy manner, without side effects. Be your best with the best when using CBD.

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