CBD Oil in Sports: A Better Athletic Recovery?

Being an athlete requires time, effort, training, and often strain on the body. Pain is a common, if not every day obstacle that must be overcome for those who play sports. While this is somewhat expected, it can affect the game and play time for the athlete. This is why it is so important for athletes to have a quick, easy to use source of pain relief that is safe, yet effective.

CBD oil as Pain Relief

For most athletes it is common practice to take an over the counter or prescription strength pain reliever and/or anti-inflammatory to reduce day to day soreness or pain, but this can be hard on the stomach and lose effectiveness over time. Long term use of ibuprofen and other NSAIDS can cause health problems such as kidney disease and heart attack, which means an alternative is needed. CBD or cannabidiol is that alternative.

Specific Uses of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Athletes

Athletes are much more active and repetitive in their actions than most individuals. The same muscle groups are used over and over and while they gain strength, the overuse can be painful. After a long day of playing or working out, CBD can be beneficial for post game exercise recovery. In fact, CBD has been credited with helping athletes recover faster post game. If you can recover faster, then back to back games will no longer be a concern.

An athlete must be focused and paying attention while playing. Whether watching other players to allow a teammate to score or focusing on the next shot, the mind and body must be ready to react. CBD can affect the central nervous system and brain to improve focus for users. This was found when gamers started replacing caffeine and sugar with the natural CBD products that had no side effects. As athletes need the same intense focus, CBD can be helpful without the side effects of typical stimulants.

Bodybuilding and Fitness

CBD oil for Muscle growth

Many bodybuilders and fitness addict started using CBD for muscle recovery and sleep support! As the ultimate combo for anyone that want to gain muscle is a solid workout, a relevant diet and a good sleep, CBD is definitely a great supplement for people who want to push their results up to a whole new level.

Muscle pain and inflammation

Additionally, athletes work hard and this often leads to inflammation of the muscles, either by repeated use or injury. An inflamed muscle or tendon can leave the player under preforming due to pain and inflammation can add to an injury. CBD can help lessen and heal inflammation to keep an athlete performing their best. A CBD lotion or CBD oil that is ingested can get you back on the track or field faster than typical methods.

How to Use CBD for Athletes

Possibly the biggest selling point to CBD is the range of options available to use it. CBD comes in oils, lotions, tinctures, pills, capsules, and more. For the purposes of use for athletes, vaping or smoking CBD is not the best option, but the others are ideal.

CBD originates from the hemp plant which is heated in oil or alcohol which then evaporates, leaving the CBD. When used in oil or lotion form CBD is mixed with a base such as coconut oil or another lotion type substance and then rubbed into the area in which pain exists.

CBD pills or capsules can be taken daily for overall health and relief in a convenient, easy to use and remember form. Pure CBD oil or a tincture can be placed under the tongue for fast delivery or even added to foods and drinks if preferred. The options are plentiful.

Where to Buy

As CBD oil from hemp has grown in popularity and is legal in all states, it is relatively easy to find for purchase. Specialty shops that also sell vape oil and many other store types offer CBD products.

CBD in all forms can also be purchased online. So do your research and find a pure CBD oil to give it a try. Your body will thank you.

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