Best CBD Oils – The buyer’s guide

As you probably already know, CBD oil is a fantastic supplement with uncountable health benefits. With the legalization of medical marijuana in different countries across the globe, it is evident that the future of CBD oil products is bright.

But there are so many CBD oil brands out there! While this is a good thing, it also means that it is now hard to know who the genuine dealer is and who is out to rip you off. Is there a way that you can tell a good product from a bad one? Which criteria should you use?

In this informative guide, we will share with you some of the tips that you should employ when looking for that best CBD oil in the market. Our guide is based on intensive research as well as tips from the experts in the marijuana industry. Please read on and get enlightened!

How CBD Oil is manufactured

Like any other product, the manufacturing process of CBD oil matters when it comes to getting high-quality CBD oil. It is important to note that, CBD industry is still young and hence no regulations have been put into place to regulate how the various brands extract CBD oil from hemp.

Some companies (mostly the ridiculously cheap ones) use cheap and unsafe methods when extracting CBD oil. Some of them may use toxic solvents such as hexane, butane, propane, and pentane.
However, there are still other good companies that use organic, pharmaceutic ethanol to extract CBD. In this case, ethanol is used to eliminate the un-necessary residues and toxins from the hemp plant. Apart from being safe, this extraction process yields a high amount of CBD oil. Also, CBD oil can be manufactured and extracted through a process known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This extraction method involves using carbon dioxide (Under high pressure) in a freezing environment. Although very expensive, this method ensures that the CBD oil manufactured is safe, high-quality and is in its purest form.

Our advice – Before deciding on the best CBD oil brand for you, it is crucial that you do thorough background research on the various extraction methods available. Ask your vendor to explain their extraction process and the chemicals used during the procedure. If possible, go after the supercritical or ethanol extraction methods.

The amount of THC present in CBD oil

As you probably already know, THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol is the component responsible for the ‘high’ effect in marijuana. When it comes to CBD oil extraction, hemp plant is preferred over marijuana. This is because hemp plant boasts of significantly less amount of THC as compared to marijuana. However, if processed incorrectly, the original amount of THC in hemp plant (although low) may still have some level of psychoactive effects. Please note that hundreds of hemp plant extracts are used during the manufacture of CBD oil. This means that, if poorly done, THC may still be concentrated on the CBD oil.

Our advice – Ensure that the THC available in your CBD oil is less than 3%. Apart from checking the labels to confirm this, you can also ask for the lab results.

Full spectrum/ whole plant label

Full spectrum or whole plant label is another thing that you should check when it comes to getting the best CBD oil. Although CBD Isolates are becoming more popular, they cannot produce high-quality CBD oil as compared to the whole plant. The best thing about using the whole plant is that you produce oil that does contain not only CBD but also a wide range of primary and secondary components of the hemp plant. Some of these components include flavonoids, terpenes as well as other cannabinoids that work synergistically with CBD.

Our advice Check the labels on the CBD oil package to confirm whether the manufacturers use the whole plant to process their products. You can also check their websites for detailed information.

Third-party lab results

Something else that you must always consider is the third-party lab results. These results come from independent labs that exist to ensure that CBD oil is what it claims to be regarding low THC levels, high CBD levels, lack of impurities, etc.

Our advice – Any reliable CBD oil company should be willing and be able to produce recent lab results. While some brands will provide these results on their sites, others will include them in the packaging. If you cannot access the results, just check in with the company for assistance.

Capsules or sublingual?

Another thing that you must consider when it comes to CBD oil is the delivery method. There are some CBD oils that are available in dropper bottle form. This means that you can consume your oil by simply dropping it under the tongue. Capsules, on the other hand, allow for discreet as well as for regulated doses of CBD oil. There are also some people who prefer to inhale the CBD oil using vaporizers. Although all these products may come from the same plant and contain the same ingredients, they may still differ in terms of convenience, accessibility as well as effect.

Our advice – Conduct some thorough research on the various CBD oil delivery methods and decide which best works for you!

Our final thoughts

As you can see, there are so many factors that you must consider when it comes to getting the best CBD oil. Other factors may include the type of plant (marijuana or hemp), firm’s reputation and transparency. While a good number of CBD oil brands are determined to provide high-quality products, they’re still a good number of people that are not ready to maintain an acceptable level of integrity. Although CBD regulation is likely to be more enhanced especially after the recent legalizations, it is still your responsibility to ensure that you get the right CBD oil from the right manufacturers.

Don’t just go and buy CBD oil for the sake, instead, take your time, do thorough research, evaluate the product as well as the company. There is no reason whatsoever why you should not learn more about a product as well as the company offering you the product.

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