Advertising CBD online: All you need to know

For those who don’t know, the CBD or Cannabidiol industry has rapidly exponentially grown over the past few years. As the researches are showing more and more benefits, many new brands are entering the market making the competition very hard for everyone.

Despite all the different channels/platform available to advertise and promote businesses online, many big players such as Google and Facebook/Instagram – have placed very strict restrictions about advertising Cannabis (and so CBD) online.

So what are your best options to advertise CBD online? How to boost your CBD brand visibility without those platforms and are there workaround solutions? Definitely.

Advertising CBD on Facebook and Instagram

Unfortunately, Facebook (and so Instagram) is very clear about advertising CBD which falls under advertising drug-related products (same as Marijuana). Is that fair? Probably not considering the difference between Hemp and Marijuana… But that’s the way it is!


Will this ever change? Maybe someday, but right now, Facebook hasn’t communicated anything about this topic for the near future. Same story for Google who doesn’t allow CBD advertising in most countries. That said it’s necessary to focus on other channels if you want to start advertising your CBD brand and increase awareness and consideration!

While some brands claimed finding some ways to advertise on Facebook through complex workaround options, it’s definitely not worth the time spending as you would still be very limited in your messaging, click-through landing page, etc.

So doesn’t mean you should exclude social from your paid media channels? Not at all.

CBD and Influencer Marketing

While it’s technically not allowed to advertiser CBD on Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Advertising Tool, using Influencer Marketing for CBD products is totally legal and very powerful:

influencer marketing cbd
Influencer Marketing and Cannabidiol

Some media channels are best to use for awareness or consideration objectives (brand affinity, engagement) while some others will be a better fit for conversion or acquisition KPIs (i.e. AdWords and PPC ad units).

Influencer marketing actually tackles all those objectives at once and is currently driving – by far – the highest ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) when it comes to advertising cannabidiol-related products. Too good to be true? Well… if this sounds very attractive, you have to be careful. Unfortunately, very few brands are nailing the influencer game and not everyone can master this kind of campaigns, to drive solid and consistent results. Some reasons, to list a few:

  • Many influencers have fake/inactive followers
  • Some influencer profiles might look great but have a very low engagement rate (resulting in low organic reach)
  • An influencer can be based in your market (i.e. US) and have a large part of its audience located somewhere else.
  • An inflluencer follower base can have different interests or demo profile than the influencer itself.

If you need to get in touch with influencer marketing specialists in the CBD business, let us know through our contact form so we can recommend you the right persons.

Affiliate Marketing for CBD products

Back to the basics – For those who still wonder what affiliate marketing is: It is a mutually beneficial agreement where an affiliate would earn revenue for every sale generated on your website. Affiliate marketing has been around for many years and is still one of the best way to increase sales for CBD businesses.

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. Bo Bennet

A great example of affiliate marketing for CBD would be a cannabis publisher writing an educational article about CBD benefits and closing the article with an affiliate link driving to a CBD e-commerce brand. If someone coming from that link buys anything on that second website, then the affiliate (the publisher) would earn a commision from this sale – usually between 10-30% for CBD affiliate programs.

Let us know in the comments if you would be interested to know all the best CBD affiliate marketing programs available in 2019. If so we can plan this article down the pike.

Affiliate marketing also recently shifted to a whole new level with the growth of influencer marketing. Now, many brands are teaming up with influencers, providing them customized affiliate code to share with their followers. So instead of paying the influencer with a fixed-financial compensation, this one would earn commissions for any sales generated through its followers.

But again – it’s necessary to plan and execute those campaigns in the right way in order to really benefit from those new advertising tactics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While it’s technically not paid adverting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of increasing your website traffic through non-paid (also called “organic”) search engine results. SEO is definitely a key channel for CBD companies since the paid opportunities are limited within this industry.

Unlike Adwords and other PPC solutions, SEO takes a long time to implement and is therefore a long-term project to implement alongside your paid media tactics. There are few different fields that you need to consider in order to lead a successful SEO strategy, the main ones being:

  • Your website technical performance – including mobile friendliness
  • Your on-page SEO (structure, content, internal linking…)
  • Your off-site popularity – through link building, social presence, etc.


Advertising CBD is with no doubt limited and challenging for anyone entering the CBD business right now. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Google applying the same strict policies for CBD and Marijuana, it’s hard to find a key partner to rely on when it comes to promote cannabidiol products online.

However there are still plenty of opportunities with Affiliate Marketing, Social Influencers or even optimizing SEO to get organic traffic through search engine results.

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